If a tree falls in the city…


An enormous eucalyptus, near the Lake Chalet, that blew down during last week’s windstorm has become a local celebrity. Family groups pose for portraits near its imposing root ball, and its massive trunk has become a climbing gym for those willing to ignore the posted warnings.

The lake itself was covered with a raft of cormorants. We spotted a few goldeneyes and eared grebes. The water near the channel is now clear enough to follow the grebes as they hunted underwater.

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2 thoughts on “If a tree falls in the city…

  1. Hi, my name is Alexander, I was there the night this tree came down. I went the next morning to meditate underneath it, only to discover this sight. It was very sad. Many years later my dad is writing a book on aging and suicide. He is looking for a photograph for the cover. I thought of a fallen tree, then specifically this one. Do you happen to have a hi resolution version and would you be willing to consider its use on a book cover?
    Thanks for walking! My dad does that regularly as well.

    • mamazzocco says:

      Hi, Alexander — Unfortunately, I took this with a phone I no longer have, so I don’t have a hi-res version. Your dad’s book sounds interesting! And it’s my pleasure to walk.

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