Update: Balancing Rocks and Falling Bridges

Balancing rocks, Bridgeview Trail

Rocks balanced on a flood control wall on the Bridgeview Trail above Dimond Canyon.

I had hoped that a few warm days and a rainy night would bring some signs of spring, but there was nothing showing along the Bridgeview Trail this morning except a few spots of yellow on a thorny broom bush.


Trails are closed under the Leimert Bridge.

Signs at the trailhead still warn of trail closures under the Leimert bridge. A chunk of concrete fell  from the underside of the bridge into Sausal Creek on Nov. 31, and although Oakland Public Works plans to make some repairs, no date has been set for their completion. I haven’t found my walks to be circumscribed — you can get pretty far from the El Centro trailhead before you hit Leimert, and none of the Bridgeview Trail goes under the bridge.

Although flowers aren’t out, a rock-balancing artist has arranged a gallery of work along a graffiti-covered flood-control wall. These things tend to be ephemeral, so if you want to see them, head out for a walk right away. The best videos I’ve seen of this kind of work are on the Gravity Glue website, although it appears our best-known local artist is Bill Dan.

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