One Year Later…

Sausal Creek

Sausal Creek in Dimond Park, New Year’s Eve, 2012.

On New Year’s Day, I made a resolution: Walk someplace beautiful, at least once a week. And now I’ve done it.

My friends have asked, what now? Will I keep walking? Will I keep blogging? I plan to. But for the purposes of this blog, I’ve limited my walks to Oakland and immediately adjacent areas. Next year, I’d like to branch out, to visit the Lafayette Reservoir and Las Trampas Regional Wilderness, Wildcat Peak and Point Isabel.

There are still a few walks in Oakland I was unable to take — the Dunsmuir House grounds and the Peralta Adobe, to name two. As I find new routes, I’ll add them. And as I revisit my favorites from this year, I will update their entries.

Some people asked if I had a favorite route. Ones that I wound up showing to friends included Arrowhead Marsh, Damon Slough, Middle Harbor Park and the Stream Trail. Some young relatives visiting from the Northeast thoroughly approved of the playground and wading pond at FROG Park. One I’d like to revisit very soon is Leona Canyon. And I can’t wait to see the spring wildflowers in Bort Meadow.

But all of the routes I found were beautiful in their own ways, and all are worth walking.


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