No. 34: Redwood Regional Park, Canyon Meadow Staging Area, Stream Trail

Stream Trail, Redwood Regional Park, Canyon Meadows Staging Area.

This flat, paved section of the Stream Trail is very accessible and makes for an easy stroll.

The Canyon Meadow Staging Area is open and full of picnic sites, and this end of  the Stream Trail is similarly accessible — broad, paved and nearly level, it winds through the meadow and along Redwood Creek.

Past the picnic areas and play structure, the trail goes into a redwood forest. Split rail fences protect the stream banks, which are undergoing native plant restoration. Many people are walking dogs, and every so often, you pass a group camp site. “Old Church” offers some benches in a grove by a bend in the creek. A little further, and you can rest at a picnic table in a small meadow.

The paved section of the trail ends about a mile from the parking lot, at “Trail’s End.” If you want a little variety, you can turn uphill on the Chown Trail and come back by the bridle path, just uphill from the paved trail. Bikes are not permitted past the end of the pavement, but the trail itself continues for another 2 miles, to the Skyline Gate of the park. All but the last half mile are fairly level.

(Even though classes started Monday, I didn’t forget my walk last weekend. But I did forget to post about it. I have adjusted the date of this post to reflect the date of the walk.)

Getting there: The Canyon Meadow Staging Area is on Redwood Road east of Skyline Boulevard.

Cool stuff in the neighborhood: There are three stables in the area: Piedmont, Skyline Ranch and the Redwood Equestrian Arena.

More information: A trail map can be found at the East Bay Regional Parks site. A list of other wheelchair-accessible trails in the Bay Area can be found at

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