No. 30: Roberts Regional Recreation Area, Redwood Bowl and Graham Trail

Graham Trail, Roberts Regional Recreation Area

The Graham Trail runs behind the playgrounds and picnic sites of Roberts Regional Recreation Area.

The start of this walk is the same as the one to Redwood Peak: From the Redwood Bowl staging area, walk up the paved fire road and follow signs left toward the bowl, a large picnic meadow.

At the large, carved Redwood Bowl sign, take the West Ridge Trail to the right and skirt the end of the meadow and the Anna Costa picnic area. The Graham Trail will go down and to the right after you pass the picnic area.

Almost all the wildflowers are gone, but the trail smells wonderfully of crushed bay leaves and redwood duff. Other than a high-pitched insect whine, it’s very quiet.

Two spurs, one about a quarter-mile from the trailhead and another about a half-mile, lead up to the Roberts swimming pool and to the Manzanita picnic area. If you continue another half-mile, you join the Dunn Trail in Redwood Regional Park.

Unless you return through the developed part of Roberts, this is an out-and-back trip rather than a loop. A sign near the trailhead warns that this is a rocky trail, although hikers and equestrians should have no trouble with the broad, firm path. Bikers — like the one who went past me doing 20 mph — should be aware that not all the curves are cambered properly, and some of the trail drop-offs are steep.

Getting there: The Redwood Bowl Staging Area is on Skyline Boulevard.

Cool stuff in the area: The Chabot Space and Science Center is right next door, and Roberts’ picnic areas and pool are accessible to those with disabilities.

More information: A trail map is available on the East Bay Regional Parks site.

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